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Advances in Machine Learning and Computational Mechanics
Edited by: Beatriz Moya, Alberto Badías, Chady Gnatios, Giovanni Stabile, Olga Mula

On the quest of constitutive models and extraction of material parameters from full-field measurements
Edited by: Pedro Camanho, François Hild, Stephan Hartmann

Model reduction: past, present and future
Edited by: David Néron, Chinesta Francisco, Pierre Ladevèze


Efficient strategies for surrogate-based optimization including multifidelity and reduced-order models
Edited by: Pierre-Alain Boucard, Piotr Breitkopf, Stefanie Reese, Pierre Duysinx

Data-Based Engineering and Computation
Edited by: Elias Cueto, Francisco Chinesta, Charbel Farhat, Pierre Ladeveze, and Francisco Javier Montans


Data Assimilation in Computational Mechanics – Recent Advances and New Trends
Edited by: Ludovic Chamoin, Andrea Manzoni, and Karen Veroy-Grepl

NAFEMS 2019 World Congress Edition
Edited by: Francisco Chinesta, James Wood, and Ian Symington

Recent Developments in Unfitted Finite Element Methods: Numerical Analysis, High-Performance Adaptive Solution Algorithms and Advanced Digital Pipelines
Edited by: Pierre Kerfriden, Susanne Claus, André Massing, and Dominik Schillinger

State-of-the-Art  Model Order Reduction and Its Applications in 2020
Edited by: David Néron, Elias Cueto, Yvon Maday, and Gianluigi Rozza

Computational Modeling of Complex Materials Across the Scales
Edited by: Julien Yvonnet, Paul Steinmann, Marc Geers, and Andrew McBride

Interface Modeling and Simulation in Polycrystalline Materials
Edited by: Claude Fressengeas, Stéphane Berbenni, and Ricardo Lebensohn

Advanced Plate and Shell Models
Edited by: Erasmo Carrera and Francisco Chinesta


Advances in Model Order Reduction Techniques
Edited by: Pierre Ladeveze, Francisco Chinesta and Tomas Chacon Rebollo


Non-intrusive computational techniques and related methods
Edited by: Olivier Allix and Armando Duarte

Towards new paradigms for time integrators in computational dynamic
Edited by: Anthony Gravouil 

Computational fracture and failure of materials and structures
Edited by: Olivier Allix and Nicolas Moës

Unfitted techniques in computational mechanics
Edited by: Riccardo Rossi and Alessandro Reali


Model order reduction: POD, PGD and reduced bases
Edited by: Francisco Chinesta, Pierre Ladeveze, and Yvon Maday


Computational mechanics and medicine
Edited by: Bernhard Schrefler and Elias Cueto

Simulation techniques for process modeling
Edited by: Stefanie Reese andTon van den Boogaard

Computational Rheology
Edited by: Roland Keunings and Francisco Chinesta

Verification and validation for and with reduced order modeling
Edited by: Pedro Diez andLudovic Chamoin