Non-intrusive computational techniques and related methods
Edited by: Olivier Allix, Armando Duarte

Towards new paradigms for time integrators in computational dynamic
Edited by: Anthony Gravouil 


Model order reduction: POD, PGD and reduced bases
Edited by: Prof. Francisco Chinesta,Prof. Pierre Ladeveze, Prof. Yvon Maday
Collection published: 5 Jan 2016


Computational mechanics and medicine
Edited by: Prof. Bernhard Schrefler, Prof. Elias Cueto
Collection published: 8 August 2015

Simulation techniques for process modeling
Edited by: Prof. Stefanie Reese, Prof. Ton van den Boogaard
Collection published: 14 July 2015

Computational Rheology
Edited by: Dr. Roland Keunings, Prof. Francisco Chinesta
Collection published: 16 June 2015

Verification and validation for and with reduced order modeling
Edited by: Prof. Pedro Diez, Dr. Ludovic Chamoin
Collection published: 3 May 2015