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Table 3 The parametric variability of each component used in the shuttle assembly

From: Component-based reduced basis for parametrized symmetric eigenproblems

Component type Number of parameters Parameters and ranges
   Young’s modulus (frame, panel) [60,220]G P a
Side panel 4 Mass density (frame, panel) [1000,8000]k g.m −3
   Young’s modulus [60,220]G P a
Truss joint 2 Mass density [1000,8000]k g.m −3
   Young’s modulus [60,220]G P a
Diagonal truss 4 Mass density [1000,8000]k g.m −3
   Length, shear
   Young’s modulus [60,220]G P a
   Mass density [1000,8000]k g.m −3
   Vertical pre-bending v[−1.5,1.5]
Horizontal truss 4 Horizontal pre-bending h[−1,1]
  1. In total, the full shuttle has a vector of parameters μ of dimension 136.