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Table 1 Material parameters for one-dimensional simulations

From: A simple yet consistent constitutive law and mortar-based layer coupling schemes for thermomechanical macroscale simulations of metal additive manufacturing processes

Parameter Description Value Unit
\(T_s\) Solidus temperature 1900 \(^\circ \hbox {C}\)
\(T_l\) Liquidus temperature 2100 \(^\circ \hbox {C}\)
\(T_0\) Reference temperature 0 \(^\circ \hbox {C}\)
\(E_s\) Young’s modulus in solid 1 GPa
\(E_p\) Young’s modulus in powder 10 MPa
\(E_m\) Young’s modulus in melt 10 MPa
\(\alpha _T\) Coefficient of thermal expansion \(1\times 10^{-6}\) \(\hbox {K}^{-1}\)
  1. Thermal properties (e.g. thermal conductivity) are not necessary for these simulations