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Table 2 Performance analysis of the excavation test involving \(N^\text {rb}\) rigid bodies and \(N^\text {p}\) particles

From: A multiscale model of terrain dynamics for real-time earthmoving simulation

  \(N^\text {rb}\) \(N^\text {p}\) \(N^\text {rb}_\text {eq}\) \(N^\text {p}_\text {eq}\) \(N^\text {p}_\text {it}\) Time-step [ms] Real-time
Multiscale 8 950 85 1.8e4 10 16.7 1.5
Reference 4 50e3 48 1.2e6 500 1 0.001
Ratio 2 0.019 1.77 0.015 0.02 16.7 1500
  1. The direct MCP solver process \(N^\text {rb}_\text {eq}\) equations, and the iterative solver \(N^\text {p}_\text {eq}\) equations. The multiscale model is 1500 times more efficient due to the smaller number of equations for the iterative solver, fewer iterations, and larger time-step