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Table 7 Cross-section: comparison of the number of required solutions of the 2D equation system to compute \(\varvec{u}\) (FE) or \(\varvec{F}_1\) (PGD) in the itPGDrel analysis (\(N_{total}\) total number of samples)

From: Efficient structural reliability analysis by using a PGD model in an adaptive importance sampling schema

 Num. samplesNum. solving 2Dsystem
 \(\mathbf{N} _\mathbf{total }\)PGDFE
itPGDrel-DP\(it=0\) (1 run)50025500
itPGDrel-ref 49212
itPGDrel-DP\(it=1\) (1 run)2000200
itPGDrel-ref 4211
itPGDrel-DP\(it=2\) (1 run)1000200
itPGDrel-PF (1 run)   
 \(N=\) 25,60025, 600025,600