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Table 1 Summary of all measured and numerical mode notations

From: Measurement of 1–10 Hz 3D vibration modes with a CT-scanner

\( \widehat{{{\varvec{\Phi }}}}_i^{\text {vib}}\)Numerical mode from Abaqus computed on the fine mesh
\(\widetilde{{{\varvec{\Phi }}}}_i^{\text {vib}}\)Projection of \(\widehat{{\varvec{\Phi }}}_i^{\text {vib}}\) onto the coarse boxed mesh
\(\widetilde{{{\varvec{\Phi }}}}_i^{\text {PGD}}\)Measured mode from the proposed procedure
\(\widetilde{{{\varvec{\Phi }}}}_i^{\text {est}}\)Estimated vibration mode computed from the orthonormalization of \({{\varvec{\Phi }}}_i^{\text {PGD}}\) with the mass matrix