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Table 1 Model parameters used in the simulations

From: Microstructure evolution in deformed polycrystals predicted by a diffuse interface Cosserat approach

Parameter Value Unit Comment
Elasto-viscoplastic parameters
   \(\,C_{11}\) 160 GPa Elasticity moduli for cubic symmetry
   \(\,C_{12}\) 110 GPa  
   \(\,C_{44}\) 75 GPa  
   \(\,\mu _c/f_0\) 11.5 GPa Cosserat modulus
   \(\,\mu \) 46 GPa Mean shear modulus
   \(\,b\) 0.2556 nm Burgers vector (magnitude)
   \(\,K_v\) 10 MPa s1/n Viscoplasticity parameters
   \(\,n\) 10   
   \(\,K\) 1/10   Kocks–Mecking parameters
   \(\,d\) 10 nm  
   \(\,C_D\) 100   Determines the rate of static recovery
   \(\,C_A\) 1 \(\upmu \mathrm {m}\)  
Phase-field and mobility parameters
   \(\,f_0\) 1.15 MPa Sets the magnitude of the grain boundary energy
   \(\,s\) 1.5 \(\upmu \mathrm {m}\)  
   \(\,a\) 0.62 \(\upmu \mathrm {m}\)  
   \(\,\varepsilon \) 2 \(\upmu \mathrm {m}\) Sets the grain boundary width
   \(\,\tau _\phi /f_0\) 100 s Viscosity type (mobility) parameter for \(\dot{\phi }\)
   \(\,\hat{\tau }_\star /f_0\) 10 s Viscosity type parameter for \(\overset{\times }{\underline{\varvec{\omega }}}\,\!^\star \)