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Table 3 Polynomial fitting coefficients of the form \(c_0 + c_1T +c_2 T^2\), where T is temperature, for single crystal TATB lattice parameter variation fit to the measurements of [31]

From: A thermo-elastoplastic self-consistent homogenization method for inter-granular plasticity with application to thermal ratcheting of TATB

a9.010407.45511 \(\times 10^{-5}\)
b9.034831.89420 \(\times 10^{-4}\)
c6.781631.46609 \(\times 10^{-3}\)4.78151 \(\times 10^{-6}\)
\(\alpha \)1.08630 \(\times 10^{2}\)−2.81821 \(\times 10^{-3}\)
\(\beta \)9.19931 \(\times 10^{1}\)−3.77697 \(\times 10^{-4}\)
\(\gamma \)1.19951 \(\times 10^{2}\)−6.09645 \(\times 10^{-4}\)
  1. Units are Å, (\(^{\circ }\)), and K as appropriate