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Table 3 Overview of considered elements

From: An extension of assumed stress finite elements to a general hyperelastic framework

AS-39Assumed stress element with 39 stress modes, see Eq. (23)
H1Isoparametric eight-node hexahedral element
AS-18Assumed stress element with 18 stress modes, see Eq. (24)
EAS-21Enhanced assumed strain element with 21 modes, see [2]
AS-30Assumed stress element with 30 stress modes, see Eq. (25)
EAS-9Enhanced assumed strain element with 9 modes, see [34]
AS-24Assumed stress element with 24 stress modes, see Eq. (26)
EAS-15Enhanced assumed strain element with 15 modes, see [38]
H1P0Displacement-pressure approach with piecewise constant pressure, see [50]