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Table 1 Strain energy (U) and mode I stress intensity factor (\(K_I\)) computed with HNA Abaqus-ISET and ISET only

From: A hierarchical non-intrusive algorithm for the generalized finite element method

Solver Element type \(\varvec{K_I}\) \(\varvec{K_I}\) rel. diff. U \(\varvec{(E-5)}\) U rel. diff.
ISET only TET4 2.229905 5.108473
HNA Abaqus-ISET TET4 2.229903 \(8.97E-7\) 5.108471 \(3.32E-7\)
ISET only TET10 2.87537 5.3423454250874
HNA Abaqus-ISET TET10 2.87537 0 5.3423454250871 \(4.97E-14\)
ISET only HEX20 3.05214 5.37984
HNA Abaqus-ISET HEX20 3.05217 \(7.536E-6\) 5.37986 \(3.604E-6\)
  1. The GFEM\(^\text {gl}\) is adopted in both cases