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Table 13 ASTER VM14 shells: comparison of the calculated and experimental buckling loads

From: ASTER Shell: a simple concept to significantly increase the plastic buckling strength of short cylinders subjected to combined external pressure and axial compression

Specimen Loading type Experimental buckling load \(\frac{\Lambda _{exp}}{\Lambda _{E}}\) \(\frac{\Lambda _{exp}}{\Lambda _{NL}}\) \(\frac{\Lambda _{exp}}{\Lambda _{NLP}}\)
C1 Pressure 0.054 MPa 2.7 0.99 0.93
C2 Pressure 0.046 MPa 2.6 0.85 0.87
C3 Axial load 6200 N 0.48 0.97 1.0
C4 Axial load 5100 N 0.39 0.78 0.83