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Table 4 The first and fifth natural frequencies of the shuttle for various configurations

From: Component-based reduced basis for parametrized symmetric eigenproblems

Shuttle configuration

First natural frequency

Fifth natural frequency

Pristine, all steel

2.53 Hz

7.50 Hz

Pristine, steel frame, aluminium panels

3.13 Hz

8.10 Hz

Pristine, all aluminium

2.54 Hz

7.51 Hz

Pre-bent trusses, all steel

2.53 Hz

7.07 Hz

  1. For steel, the Young’s modulus is 200 GPa and the mass density is 750 k g.m −3. For aluminium, the Young’s modulus is 69 GPa and the mass density is 2700 k g.m −3. For the pre-bent trusses case, we used maximal horizontal and vertical pre-bending parameters for all the horizontal trusses.