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Editorial – Advanced modeling and simulation in engineering sciences

The true birth of a journal comes with publication of the first papers. This great moment has arrived for Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences (AMSES) in the form of the first six-papers which illustrate the scope of the journal very well. AMSES, which is published by Springer, is a new peer-reviewed and fully open-access journal for the benefit of the broad community of simulation-based engineering science specialists.

The authors who publish in AMSES remain the owners of their works and no transfer of copyright is required. Of course, this new publishing scheme requires that authors pay for the diffusion of their work, which is freely available for all readers worldwide, contrary to traditional schemes in which publication is free for the authors but readers must pay. In the case of AMSES, the publication fees charged to the authors are symbolic because CSMA, the French Association of Computational Mechanics, has decided to contribute three-fourths of each paper’s publication fees in order to ensure the best conditions for both the authors and the readers in our community.

The scope of AMSES is the vast domain of the advanced modeling and simulation of materials, processes and structures. The emphasis is on advanced and innovative modeling approaches and numerical strategies. The journal should appeal to both academics and practitioners.

The manuscripts, like any papers published in a prestigious journal, are peer-reviewed. We are extremely focused on scientific quality and the AMSES Editorial Committee guarantees the rigor of the reviewing process in order to ensure the quality of the works published. I am the editor and the associate editors are F. Chinesta , A. Corrigliano , A. Huerta , J.F. Molinari , S. Reese , J. Gopalakrishnan and J. Wang. There is also an Editorial Advisory Board composed of well-known scientists in computational engineering. The ambition of AMSES is to become one of the reference journals in computational engineering and I believe this issue is a promising start.

Pierre Ladevèze

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