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Aims and scope

The research topics addressed by Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences (AMSES) cover the vast domain of the advanced modeling and simulation of materials, processes and structures governed by the laws of mechanics. The emphasis is on advanced and innovative modeling approaches and numerical strategies. The main objective is to describe the actual physics of large mechanical systems with complicated geometries as accurately as possible using complex, highly nonlinear and coupled multiphysics and multiscale models, and then to carry out simulations with these complex models as rapidly as possible. In other words, this research revolves around efficient numerical modeling along with model verification and validation. Therefore, the corresponding papers deal with advanced modeling and simulation, efficient optimization, inverse analysis and simulation-based control. These challenging issues require multidisciplinary efforts – particularly in modeling, numerical analysis and computer science – which are treated in this journal.

Thematic series

Model order reduction: POD, PGD and reduced bases
Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences
Edited by: Prof. Francisco Chinesta, Prof. Pierre Ladeveze, Prof. Yvon Maday
Collection published: 5 Jan 2016

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